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Report action of Wicoach in Kenya

Posted by admin | Actions, News | Posted on décembre 3rd, 2007

Christophe Audoire stay at Nairobi was organized by JOSEPH MWANGI MUCHIRI,

After meeting skaters Newton Marikio from Kenya at WIC SUZHOU 2007 we set a training camp with Kenyan skaters from 19th  to 23rd November 2007


Roller sport Kenya federation board meeting with Christophe Audoire WICOACH
Joseph is on the left next to RSK president Mme Cleopatra A. Mbeo.

Joseph is dedicated to the roller sport since many years as skaters and now coach and federation administrators.
The federation board is organized now with young dynamic and enthusiast members about the organization and development of the sport in Kenya

They organized in the centre’s streets of capital town Nairobi a Inline speed skating marathon which reach this year 200 participants.

During the few days I stayed in Kenya
We did have some training sessions on Speed Inline techniques.

Skating lessons with skaters and coaches were held at University of Nairobi graduation square.


Also on a road near football stadium training session based on physical preparation were also conducted.


Development for the Speed roller skating in Kenya.

wicoach_kenya_2007_05Beside the coaching aspect we had some meeting and exchanges about setting plan of development

1st step:  Coaching level’s development with future seminar to instruct coaches how to teach speed skating in their clubs.

2nd step : Best Kenyan skaters to participate at international races, with also coaches to get some knowledge of international skating level .   National team to participate at World Championship 2008 in Spain.

3nd step  Build a place for speed skating at Nairobi… from flat track to 200 meters bank track  and speed skating equipment available for all skaters


“ … Roller skating grow in Kenya from being a neighbourhood past time to being an organized competitive sport. The most active discipline is inline speed skating though some skaters are also interested in artistic, hockey and aggressive skating.

In 1997, KENYA CONFEDERATION OF ROLLER SKATING (KCRS), was registered as national federation with the relevant authorities to govern and develop this sport in the country, thanks to Philip Kiura and Jack Njoroge amongst others. Since then the organization has changed the name to ROLLER SPORT KENYA.


Speed skates donated by European Skaters have been give to the Kenyan skaters.

In 2002, Kenya hosted the South African Speed Skating team 2003 RSK again hosted the 5th African speed skating Championships
Roller Sport South Africa has truly been very instrumental in helping Kenya grow.

In July 2004, we had national championships and for the first time we had over a 100 skaters compete.

Many neighbourhoods now have organized skating clubs that we oversee as a federation. These include Shauri moyo, Gikomba/Majengo, Karen, Kawangware, Kangemi, Gachie and today we have about 8 schools that have kids skating clubs. We also have organized clubs in Mombasa and Eldoret towns


Development of Roller Skating in Kenya.

1.    Roller skating is yet to make its mark as a competitive sport in this country; like many other modern and upcoming sports, majority people have not yet recognized it as serious sport.
2.    Finance: skating is not a cheap sport especially in Africa where there is no shop where one can buy professional gears. With almost zero support from the relevant authorities it has been very hard to even have our talented skaters get exposure to the real skating world out there.
3.    Federation always try to make the sport competitive in Kenya, for a Kenyan skater, racing’ always means a flight ticket and lodging, to South Africa, Europe, United States or China.
4.    There is also a great need for professional coaching.
5.    Skating Rink: There isn’t any roller skating rink in Kenya. One day the skaters will have a place they can call their own. This will open many opportunities and facilitate the development of skating in Kenya.

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