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Coaching program

African Speed Skaters

African Speed Skaters

The approach of that Coaching program will be like a franchise licensee type (Brands channels “Pizza hut, Starbucks Coffee…)

The association is in contact with local person that would like to run that project and World Inline Coach° Association will bring basic and experimented successful rules compiled.

-         Instructors will go to countries like International Rep. in a way to start in a strong way the first bases … Training camp with skaters and coaches …

The skating program will be first practical advices and “ready to use” it will follow the international instruction’s manual with some local adaptations.

A skating club and rink can be operated in a similar way as a licensed store of a brands channels.

-         The first base must always be made in a way of a possible growing process, and future expansion nationwide.

South Africa  Speed Skating club

South Africa Speed Skating club

This collaboration, know-how at disposal, have been tested beforehand and constantly developed. This approach follows the goal of accelerated development by a common action resulting from the conjunction of the men and efforts for the growing of the speed roller skating sport.

International coordination for events and communication … Speed skating days … … Demo van program with free skate test days … race organisation …

  • With solid  base of speed skating program … 2nd phase of program is to rise the skating level to International standard … Best training advice, to reach physical preparation and international skill.
  • Help during World championship participation, for skaters and coaches.